Posted on: May 26, 2011 9:13 pm

NCAA to USC: Go Away!

The NCAA cannot admit a mistake.  They won't admit that the penalties or non-calls against Ohio State and Cam Newton are flawed, and they won't admit that they punished USC based on non-existent evidence.

It seems that everyone who follows college football, with the exception of the NCAA Infractions Committee, realizes that the main argument in the USC-Reggie Bush affair is based on evidence that is factually incorrect.

I'm speaking of the two minute phone conversation, of which no one actually has a recording, that supposedly took place between Ricky Lake (or whatever his name is) and Todd McNair.  During the hearing, the NCAA investigator repeatedly asked Mr. McNair about this conversation that took place in 2005.  McNair claimed no knowledge of such conversation.  This is because the conversation actually took place one year later, in 2006.

Based on this, the NCAA determined that a USC assistant coach knew, or should have known, of improprieties related to Reggie Bush.  Huh?  We have no idea what was the content of the call, but it's even worse than that!

The call did not occur in 2005, but in 2006, after Reggie Bush had completed his career at USC.  No matter the purpose of the call, no matter if McNair had been told that Reggie took money or benefits, Reggie's collegiate career was already over.

The NCAA used this call (2005) as the basis for handing down penalties so strict against USC that many cannot fathom.

The fact of the matter is that the call occured one year later, but the NCAA, in spite of tremendous contrary evidence, refuses to reverse their position on the matter.

I so wish that USC would seek an injunction against the sanctions and pursue this matter in Superior Court.

The NCAA penalties are nothing more than a beleagured attempt to destroy what is the finest program in NCAA College Football.  The fact that the NCAA would stoop so low as to misinterpret evidence and direct testomony belies any sense of fairness.

My biggest complaint right now is that USC will not sue the NCAA in open court for Restraint of Trade, Monopolistic Practices, Defamation, and various other torts that are available.  One would think that with so many graduates of the Law School who have gone on to great heights, USC should be able to find a former Trojan to take the helm in this kind of action.

Actually, Pat Haden's #2 has a law degree, so maybe he should lead the charge.

Am I surprised by the NCAA's ruling?  No.

Am I surprised that USC is willing to drop the matter at this point?  Unfortunately, Yes.

USC needs to stand up to the NCAA, not only for its own reputation, but for the reputation of the next school targeted for the NCAA's wrath.  

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Posted on: December 29, 2008 7:51 pm

Miles Brand Thanks Detroit Lions Organization...

For supporting NCAA's "Stay in School" Drive.

With the 0-16 Detroit Lions holding the first pick in the NFL draft, how many Juniors will opt to stay in college for another year?  Will Sam Bradford really come out to join that team?  How about Tebow?  I think this has to be a big disincentive to coming out early.

Anybody remember the success that David Carr had with the Texas Texans organization?  While the Texans were an expansion team, and the Lions have a history (Didn't Barry Sanders play there; let's not forget Rodney Peete), I'm not sure that they would be any new player's first choice of a team, regardless of the potential payday that comes with being picked #1.

One must feel sorry for top senior players, such as USC's Rey Maualuga, who may be looking at being the #1 overall pick as a defensive player.  Sure, the Lions could use defense, an offense, special teams, and coaching.  Unless the NFL expands the schedule for next year, next year's Lions team could only be worse in statistical categories, and the win-loss record won't drop.

Anyway, on behalf of college football fans everywhere, "Thank you Detroit Lions, for being such a miserable team that football players would rather stay in school to finish their education!"

Enjoy the rest of the bowl games.  This has been a great year so far, with only two games that have not been competitive.

Go Trojans, Fight On!
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